A blog post that will change your life as an upcoming artiste,how to promote your music and get signed to a record label in Nigeria 2021

How to promote your music and get signed to a record label in Nigeria 2021


Made easy for Record label bosses,
Made easy for upcoming artists.




www.supajams.com has come to take away the stress and money upcoming artists will have to spend in order to be discovered by “Record Labels” in Nigeria.
We have created a website that will save you the time,money,stress suffered as an upcoming.



Briefly before we dive in to the main matter, let’s answer the questions that might be running through your mind.



I know questions like “How do you mean by Made Easy For Record Label Bosses,Made Easy For Upcoming Artists” would definitely be running through your mind.



Lol, don’t be scared, we’ve got you covered.



In a developing country like Nigeria,we have come to realize the difficulties upcoming artists encounters on their quest to be discovered and get signed to a big record label in Nigeria.



Two,as a record label owner, I have also come to realize how time consuming it’s for Record labels in Nigeria while searching for a talented upcoming artists to sign.



Several times,i had to go on Twitter, searching for an artiste to sign. Staged several talent hunt shows but to no avail.
This made me to realize that most of these talented upcoming artists are not always willing to participate in a talent hunt show as Jayboyy would say “I don’t do talent hunt. I don’t like competition,is not like I’m afraid of losing,i just like doing me”.



This same mentality would be the same with some other talented upcomings out there. Flashing back to when I was still a rap artist,i could remember being eliminated in a talent hunt show because of someone i knew truly well i did better than. The fans were like “Noooo,he deserves to win. Ojoro ojoro but then,it happened and I had to concede defeat”.



So this is why we have come in to be a middle man between Record Labels and Upcoming Artists to actually create something that will be flexible for Record Labels and also the upcoming artists.



In Nigeria,we have big entertainment websites like Tooxclusive, NoJustOk, Naijaloaded and the rest of them but we lacked one thing and that’s an entertainment website that appreciates and encourages upcoming artists. An entertainment website whereby music lovers/record label owners can visit and pick an artist to sign whenever they’re in need of artists.



An entertainment website where you as an upcoming would just throw-in your song and be expectant of being signed; knowing fully well it’s “upcoming artist’s hub for record labels, centers on discovering upcoming talents and sending their songs to record label owners”.



Our aim as a website centers on discovering upcoming talents:


1. We want to build a website that promotes and appreciates upcoming artists.


2. We want to build a website that will only focus on upcoming talents.


3. We want to build a website that label bosses will visit anytime they’re in need of an artist to sign, knowing fully well that every artist that has his/her song on the website is a talented upcoming artists rather than embarking on talent hunts, going through series of radio programmes, TV and co which most of this talented upcomings can not afford due to lack of sponsorship.



4. We want to build a website different from other websites in the terms of pattern,charges, and all Modus Operandi.


At SupaJams,we have different promotional packages that any upcoming artiste can afford.
See packages here


Build with us, Let’s build together,share this post to other upcomings.


Our wish is your success,our aim and objective is your success,our vision is to see that you get to where you should be; not where you’re now.





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