BOOK: Heading To The Top 101 For Upcoming Artistes by Chinny Philippa

Heading To The Top 101 For Upcoming Artistes


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Hello everyone welcome to A blog whose sole aim is to promote,manage and guide every upcoming artiste out there to make sure they hit the limelight.


In this book (Heading to the top 101 for upcoming artistes), I will be sharing with you the secret/ step you need take to make sure you get to the top.


I am going to reveal to you why you don’t need record labels to make it in the Nigerian music industry of today.


Alright, without further ado, let’s get started.


The Nigerian music industry has grown to the extent one no longer need only talent and finance to make it but with a promotional strategy in place. The reason why most upcoming artiste give up on their quest for success in the music industry, especially when they are not signed to any major record label is because they lack a written down promotional strategy to follow.


What they do basically after recording a track is try as much as they can to take a photo shot at a photo studio, do an album cover for the song, throw the song on Audiomack and start sharing the links with their friends to go and stream their newly released song. Same friends “wey don hear the song during studio session”? LOL.


That is absolutely the wrong way to go.


Another set of people will try and get a download link. The financially buoyant ones will contact the likes of, Naijaloaded and other big blogs to publish their song. While having your song on one of those big websites is not a bad idea but considering the fact you could have used the money you paid them to do more, it then makes it a terrible idea obviously.


Having your song on one of these websites doesn’t guarantee you a thousand downloads, because for some reasons, 95% of music lovers using these sites will see your song but will eventually click away because: who are you compared to the likes of Wizkid, Davido and other superstars whose songs are there? Reason am nah.


The best way to go about this is to:


1. Look for a smaller website with high quality SEO like and promote your song. Obviously you would get the same result you would have gotten if you had promoted it on one of those big sites. The only difference is that you spend less and you are respected.


2. Recognize who you are. You are an upcoming artiste, accept that. Work with people that will be pleased to work with you. Promote your work with Bloggers that has the interest of the upcoming’s as their top priority. is obviously your best option given the fact they are only focused on promoting upcoming artistes.


With them as your promoter, you get the privileges of having your song sent to hundreds of record labels across the country for consideration and who knows,you might be lucky enough to get a feedback from one of these labels.


I believe by now you have seen the reason why you don’t need the “Big Boys” in order to be successful in the music industry so let’s now ascertain how we can better achieve this full independence goals of ours. Let get started with the STEPS

To get the STEPS, download the book here.



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