Celebrity: Chocolate City unveil the signing of a new act – Noon Dave


Born David Obafemi, Noon Dave taps into his songwriting inspiration from

a diverse exposure of soaking up elements of soul, R&B, pop and of course

Afrobeats to create a unique sound. Noon Dave is carving his own niche in

the music scene by creating an experience with his songs as he does in his

new single “Brunch”. The newly signed Chocolate City Music RnB


artist is one who grew up in the city of Lagos and infuses RnB elements in

his music.

The single which is a lead of his forthcoming project is accompanied by a

vibrant display of subtle and pure vocals.

On this single, He sings almost exclusively about taking his lover to brunch-

or, more specifically, about the tillating promise of sex. This oozing

sensuality yields mood music as he treats consent like a warm embrace.

This new single “Brunch” is a classic throwback with daring yet not too

risque lyrics. Evidently, Noon Dave has long explored the friction between

new wave and old-school R&b, but it’s never felt so fresh with the infusion

of pidgin; both timeless and futurisitic, familiar but retro.

Speaking this single, Noon Dave explains ““Brunch” was very much

inspired by Saint JHN’s music I listened to and this moved me to make a

song lovers can enjoy whilst having a great time”

Noon Dave is a new variety of RnB artists in Nigeria and he wants listeners

to be exceptionally entertained by his music.


About Noon Dave



David Obafemi was born on the 23rd of May 1994, professionaly known as

Noon Dave is a 27 years old Nigerian aR&B singer- songwriter who hails from

Ogun State. He started writing music at an early stage and spent most of his

childhood in Lagos state, Nigeria. Noon developed most of his influences in the


In 2021 he signed an artist recording deal with Chocolate City Music to

further enhance his music making and attain greater heights with his sound.

His approach to music is one that promises to keep him relevant in the music

scene for a long time.

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