[Celebrity Gist]: JayBoyy criticises fake lovers/heartbreakers

Singer JayBoyy aka MrLoverBoy,aka PreacherOfLover,aka Easterntekno has criticised the practice of fake love and heartbreak as he took to his Instagram handle @officialjayboyyz to post


Sometimes, I seat back and wonder how #smart these niggas think they are ?.

OK, let’s go!

You see yourself as being #smart that you walked up to someone’s daughter who aimed for no distractions and heartbreak, you ask her out and she said “no”. You change style and then you brought out the demon in you called #sweettongue . You persuaded her and promised her heaven and earth especially never to take her love for #granted. And she confusedly accepts your proposal and then boom, you pretend to be a #holynwaeje. You treat her like she has no spare parts. Then she falls helplessly and gives you her heart and trust then “boom” again, you take advantage of her and #jaaa?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂ . And after putting her in such pains, you jubilate and call yourself #smarto. Lemme no laugh at you first because the thunder that strike you down is still on training in #sambisaforest .
#f**k_fake_lovers ?. “


See screenshot below???


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