Doyin and Deji, the level 1frenemies _ BBN

Doyin and Deji started on a good note,but their relationship is getting interesting!!!

Deji‘s entrance into the Level 1 House has made the House fascinating. Fellow Housemate Adekunle reckons it has changed the dynamics of the House. The girls have seemed to gravitate towards him, even taking noodle-making tips from him. The guys on the other hand have a good-looking guy in the House and are now on their toes.

Doyin, however, has officially called Deji her “favourite enemy.” This was during a morning conversation while Deji was peeling an orange. Deji was struggling to maintain eye contact with Doyin during the conversation with her. She was looking straight at him, asking for an orange. Doyin added that Deji is annoying most time, and Deji said he wants to be annoying all the time.

On Day 13, Doyin told Deji that she only sees him as a friend, but likes him. “When I see you, I want to look again,” Doyin said. She listed things she likes about him. On the list were his looks, calmness, and style, and she enjoys talking to him. She continued to add that Deji annoys her sometimes, but she likes that.

When Deji later agreed that he does not care who Doyin likes, things became tense. Doyin asked, “so you don’t care?” Deji responded by saying “whatever, man” and she said, “I am not a man.”

mentioning that Chichi told her that Deji likes her. She feels like Deji is not communicating that, and likes someone else instead.

Could these two secretly like each other and playing hard to get?

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