Have you been wondering how to promote your music and get discovered by a big Record Label In Nigeria?.


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Have you been wondering how to promote your music and get discovered by a big Record Label In Nigeria?.



Your answer lies with us,read on.



Hi everyone, My name is Victor and you’re welcome www.supajams.com.


Today, I will be sharing with you the tricks/steps you need to take if you want to be discovered by Record Labels in the Nigerian music industry.

Briefly before we start,let me quickly tell you about us.
We’re basically a Entertainment website centered on promoting upcoming talents.


Yeah,as simple as that, that’s what we do.


Let’s dive in…


In Nigeria,we have so many big entertainment websites like Tooxclusive,NotJustOk,Naijaloaded,9jaflavers and the rest of them. These top websites, every upcoming artists dreams to have his/her songs on and sincerely, it’s a good idea but what have these artists gained from having their songs on those big websites?.


I will tell you something; what these big websites does when you pay them to blog your song is just to publish your song on their site,send you the download link and that’s it. They don’t hype you except you pay extra charges for it. In most cases,they don’t publish your songs link on their official pages without extra charges. This things ain’t helping the artiste grow. It just leaves the artiste spending without a positive return.


So what do you need in order to be discovered by record labels today?.


What you need is a website that will promote you as an artiste to the fullest.

A website that will help your career, not those that are only after their businesses.


For this reason, we’ve come to be a different website from those top websites and gladly,our aims has gradually gained ground as we have received email addresses from over 50 top Nigerian Record Labels asking us to send them updates on any upcoming artiste we publish their songs.


Supajamsonline email list



We have come to center on these upcoming arts,to actually package them and present them like celebrities that they’re.


We have come to promote these upcoming artists to make sure they get to where they should be and not where they’re now.


Ask us how we intend to achieve this goal?.


It’s simple:

1. We publish your song on our site,hype the song well, eMail your song’s download link to those top record labels you dream of being part of.


2. We publish every of your posts that interests us, making you look like a celebrity and making the post look like a news,celebrity gist/gossip.


3. After one week of dropping your song on our site,we publish the lyrics, making it accessible to whoever it may concern.


4. We have a live interview with you, where you will be able to talk about your career, challenges, inspirations and send it to the world to watch you live as a celebrity. From here, someone you don’t know could just contact you for a recording deal.



Sir/Ma,we believe this is all you need to make it big in the Nigerian music industry.


Please, kindly check our promotional packages below as we’ve made it affordable for everyone:


1. Upload (1) track N2,000
included in the package is: Lyrics upload, hyping and news publications.


2. Upload (Unlimited) Tracks for 3 months for N10,000
included is: Lyrics upload, hyping,news publications and (3) months artiste management.


3. Upload (Unlimited) tracks for (1) year for N50,000
included is: lyrics upload, hyping,news publications, and (1) year artiste management.


5. Live interview N5,000 (indoor shooting)
N20,000 (outdoor shooting).


Note: All packages comes with a compulsory song’s link eMail delivery.


Note: We can also help you get your songs on digital stores where you can make money per stream of your song (Negotiable).


Promote with us, promote with the best and be discovered.


cc@supajams.com for more.
Phone: 08068321897

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