How to make money with a Membership or Forum Website?

How to make money with a Membership or Forum Website?.

What is a Membership site?

A membership site is a private website, with exclusive content that is only available to registered members.
it usually offers members the opportunity to be in contact with each other. They pay a monthly fee to be a member of the website.

Suitable for:

people who like to, guide and lead a community.

Require skills:

.Thorough knowledge of a certain domain.
.Ability to explore new things and continually generate new and useful content.


.This depends on the domain expertise of the maker.

.Search Google for the Mathew Woodward tutorial on creating a membership site for free.


.In the beginning, keep the free for participating in the membership site ridiculously low.
.Try to make a minimally feasible product. You can always improve your site in later stages.

.If you have never been part of a membership site so far, consider joining some of your domains. Study sites.

.Are you looking for what works well for you? and other members of the site? What makes t worth the monthly costs and how could you replicate this?

.Communicate and engage in conversation with members. Your membership site should not be the one that only infiltrates the content, with little or no input from the owner.

.You must provide insider access for your members who want to communicate with you.

.Even if you are busy, you should spend at least half an hour a day getting involved in your member’s site.

.You can do this in different ways, such as you can communicate with the members, answering their questions, or even interacting with the forum.

.Perform group events’ engagement with your site.

.Organize events, challenges, or similar events on a regular basis.

.Make it easy for members to participate.
Offer prices, show scoreboards, or something similar, create a great incentive for members to participate.

.Evaluate regularly what works and what does not work. Try to adjust the site according to the needs of the members.

For example: If you offer the bulk of your content in the text format, but your members are more engaged with the video content, you switch from text to video content.

.Try to introduce new initiatives and see how your audience reacts to them. Like live Q & A calls or the like.

.But beware, do not overwhelm members with different initiatives at the same time.
Introduce one thing at a time.


Generating income is very simple. More members report more income to your website than you generate from the monthly costs members pay.

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