News]Amaka watched Khalid and Daniella making out in shock _BBN

The housemates’ latest bedroom action comes days after Amaka and Phyna commented about missing condoms in the house.

Level two housemates Khalid and Daniella left viewers stunned early Monday morning for having bed exercise on live television.

In several videos taken from strategic angles, the housemates were filmed diligently giving bed action. Interestingly, not only the viewers caught the busy housemates, a shocked Amaka joined the audience.

Recall that last week, both Amaka and Phyna commented on the constant replacement of condoms in the house. It turns out the housemate finally got their answer.

Khalid and Daniella have maintained an affectionate relationship but going by Twitter reactions, their under sheets show was unexpected especially as Khalid had expressed some religious stance in the past.

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