News]Nollywood lost a star (Ada Ameh)

Nollywood lost a star ⭐ (Ada Ameh)!!!

Yesterday was a black Monday,18 July,2022.

For years, Ada Ameh struggled with depression. She lost her father and 6 siblings. Their mysterious deaths were enough to damage her.

She lost 3 brothers.

3 sisters.

And in 2018, when she lost her sister – the one who was an assistant coach with the under-19 Nigerian women football team – she thought she was going to be the next in line to go.

But the death didn’t come for her.

At least not yet.

It came for her daughter.

Her only daughter.

Her only child.

The child with whom she shared such deep connection.

Aladi Godgift.

Ada Ameh had her when she was just 14.

And they practically grew up as best friends.

They did everything together.

When her daughter died, her whole crumbled before her.

During one of her interviews, she said that most times she locked herself inside her house and wept like rain.

She was determined to fight that demon of depression.

On June 15th, she opened up that the depression was taking its toll on her.

She said that she was dying slowly.

But added that she would come out of it alive.

But on Sunday, she was overwhelmed by that demon.

She collapsed in Warri, and unfortunately, she couldn’t make it before they rushed her to the hospital.

Please be kind to people, because you don’t know the demons they are fighting in their closets.

Sometimes all you see are the smiles, but you don’t see their struggles.

Be kind.

Rest in power, Ada Ameh.

You brought joy to many of us with your talent.

You’ll never be forgotten.

She is also among the Johnson’s Crew!!!

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